100mg Lamivudine Tablet (14 tablets)
簡 介

Drug Name: Lamivudine Tablet

Property:  This product is film-coated tablet, remove the film after white or kind of clothing show white.

Indications:  Lamivudine tablets is used for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis B with alanine aminotransferase (ALT) increased activity and virus replication, and compensated liver function.

Specification:  0.1g

Usage and dosage:  This product should be used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B by the guidance of experienced doctors, recommended dosage of 0.1g (a), once daily, before meals or after meals can be.

Taboo:  The product is disabling to patients who are allergic to lamivudine or to any ingredient in this preparation.

Storage:  Sealed and stored at below 30 ℃.

Packing:  Aluminum-plastic blister packaging, 14 tablets.

Approval Number: 國藥準字H20103618

Manufacturers:  Anhui Biochem Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.